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Taxicel Passenger


Join our Community- Taxicel is an Internet Platform, that facilitates and evolves your transportation needs within the city. From your Cellular, Tablet or PC, you can have hundreds of Taxis connected to give you an easier, faster and safer service.
- All the time you're informed, whom is your driver and where is your Taxi, so you can organize without hassles and stress.
- Also our unique within its kind Referral system +Ganás, enables you to multiply your benefits and prizes, sharing in community. Won't you like to be rewarded from your Taxi trips and also your friends? This could help you to save big time in your future Taxi trips.
Our technology ease your life. With just two touches in your cellphone a Taxi goes to fetch you wherever you are. Don't waste time waiting, walking or competing for a free Taxi. Taxicel makes the free Taxi goes to you. 7x24.
Your safety is our most important concern, all the Taxis in the Community have their proper Licence and Permits to operate, at any time you can access your historic trip information, and also you can use it to give peace to your beloved ones.
After joining, we asign you a unique code that acts as your user ID, with it you can start earning points with your own trips that you can later use to pay for future rides. But also, if you start Referring friends and others and they join the community and start using it, you and them will start earning points from the trips they take so you can save a lot of your current Taxi spent.